Artie is one of the Entertainment Industry’s most talked-about “must-see” performers. No stranger to Film and Television, Commercials, Voice-overs, Print and Live Stand-up Comedy, Artie is taking the industry and Newstalk Radio waves by storm.

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Watching a Bob Nelson live performance is like watching several different types of top comedians all rolled up into one. Characters like the lovable nerd Eppy Epperman, punchy boxer Jiffy Jeff and chicken rancher Wilby Stuckinson are as funny and memorable as any you will see in comedy today.

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Spotted by the casting director for Norman Lear of “All in the Family” fame, Jimmie accepted a part in Lear’s new urban-styled comedy series, “Good Times.” The role of the broadly strutting, wisecracking J.J. Evans would launch him into television superstardom. “Dyn-o-mite!” was the phrase that made him famous nationwide.

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Joy Comedy Tour Alumni

Joke’s On You Comedy Tour has worked with several different comedians throughout the years. We will be dedicating this page to them. We start with Comedians The Living Legend Gallagher and Rain Pryor who will be initiating this page. Be sure to check back to see who else we have worked with. Artie Fletcher

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