Rain Pryor – Manifesting Coach, Actress, Jazz Blues singer, comedy content writer, playwright, activist, motivational speaker, and mother.
Rain, believes you can create the life you desire, and she wants to assist you in finding your desires. Pryor, is a truly brilliant performer, who is known for her superior work ethic, integrity. Her performancess are thought provoking, through truthful storytelling.
“Fried Chicken and Latkes” is Pryor’s award winning solo show, a hilarious and heart-wrenching story of growing up black and Jewish in a politically incorrect era. Her father was comic genius Richard Pryor, and her mother a Jewish astronomer. Discover how Pryor finds her identity in both worlds, and works to change ours. Directed by Eve Brandstein.
Pryor has received rave reviews from Los Angeles Times “Critics Choice” and her singing voice and sense of timing were hailed as rare gifts. NY Times “Critic Pick” and NY Times review said, “..she has an outsized presence built for Broadway.”
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